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Smart Holiday Travel 2019 w/ Mickela Mallozzi

Heading out for the holidays? That makes you one of over 100 million American’s that will travel this season for celebrations with family and friends! Whether you’re traveling to visit family or traveling to take your family away from it all, the holiday rush can be quite hectic Travel expert, Mickela Mallozzi shares how you can travel smoothly amongst the millions of other Americans and have a safe and jolly holiday! 
Some of Mickela’s tips include:
GET TO KNOW YOURSELVES: DNA Travel has become a top travel trend this year, and what better way to connect as a family during the holidays than by discovering your own roots together by traveling to destinations your ancestors hailed from! 
ROAD CHECK: Every year more and more people travel for the holidays by car. Whatever the distance, be sure your car is ready to take on the miles. Consider tuning or upgrading your tires, so you can arrive safety and ready to celebrate. 
FULL CHARGE: Aside from checking out your tires prior to hitting the road, be sure your car and personal electronics are ready to go. From car tablet and phone chargers, headlights, to a backup battery, the last thing you would want is a last-minute blow out. 
BE OPEN: If you’re planning a holiday getaway, the tendency is to pack every single day in with plans and things to do. Keep one day free of any plans and explore the destination with fresh eye and travel the old -fashioned way – by getting lost and having to talk to the locals for some incredible moments!


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