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Back To School Co-Op with Colleen Burns

August is here and that means back to school season is upon us. It’s time to purchase updated school supplies, prep for those top-notch lunches, or even plan a last-minute vacation! Colleen Burns, our back to school expert is available for interviews to help alleviate the stress that comes with back to school prep. As “Mom on the Run” herself, Colleen will provide her personal tips to make sure your kids are ready to get on the bus this fall.
Some of Colleen’s tips will include:
ONE MORE TIME: The summer fun isn’t over just yet! Consider booking a last-minute weekend get-away with the family to say goodbye to the summer on a great note. 
SMART SNACKS: Fruit is a lunch time staple and freeze-dried fruit has the added benefit of being portable and easy for kids to snack on.  
BUILD THEIR BONES: If your kids are active in sports, you want to make sure they are strong on and off the playing field. Serve a glass of milk in the morning before school to make sure they are ready to go! 
SNACK ON THE GO: Between work, school and extracurricular activities, weekdays can be long. Grab and go snacks are a great go-to between meals. 


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