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Medicine Cabinet Makeover 2017


You stock your kitchen’s pantry shelves with quality food. Why would you skimp on the shelves of your bathroom cabinet?  With cold and flu season upon us, it’s a great time to purge the medicine cabinet.  Better to shop and prepare now than scramble when you are sick. Clean out clutter, get rid of anything that’s expired or you aren’t using, and stock up on the staples. A fresh start can make all the difference. 

Well-known RN and health expert, Linda Ciampa has been helping families stay healthy for over a decade. On Wednesday, January 18th, Linda will be available for live interviews to share her best tips for preparing your medicine cabinet for the colder weather.  She will also provide viewers with an easy-to-use option for keeping track of your family’s medical and fitness information. 

Some of Linda’s tips will include:
•    Which essentials to stock up on such as pain/fever reliever, cough suppressants, topical ointments, vitamins and relief for upset stomachs.
•    Comfort measures including nasal rinses, steam therapy, and chicken soup to help relieve some of the discomforts of colds, cough and the flu.
•    Ideas on where to store medications to prevent degradation due to the heat and humidity in the bathroom. 



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